Our first morning together

Waiting in Hotel in Kiambu for our first breakfast.

First time in Nairobi

First time nice moments in Nairobi with loved one.

Love and smiling

Happy moments.


Moments together was perfect.

Kisses, loving

Kisses and loving even in Musem.

On the Top

On top of some buildings in Nairobi.

We with little Brother

Happy monents... Nelly, Mzungu and little Brother.

Quality time, love

Quality time, visiting some new places, love.

My new Family

My new Family whom I trusted as Mzungu.

Quiver Party with my loved family

Quiver Party, little Brother, Nelly and Betty.

At Grace, Boss lady Hotel Sagret

At Grace, Boss lady Hotel Sagret.

Fionce Nelly Njeri Kariuki

Putted Rings on her fingers.... Happiest day in my life....